Speaker Websites – The secret is out

I have been working with speakers and designing speaker websites for over 9 years now, and I adore them.  I love being surrounded by smart people with a passion to change the world for the better.  I share your passion.  You are my tribe.

But as smart as so many of you are, I am finding one missing key ingredient in so many speaker websites.  There could be something missing from your site that is essential in getting meeting planners to say ‘yes’ to you.  Want to know the secret?

The secret is based in remembering who you are talking to.  We get so caught up in audience feedback that we forget that the audience did not hire us.  It was that meeting planner, that executive, the decision maker decided if we would be a good fit for their meeting or conference.  Those are the people we need our speaker websites to talk to!

When I enter into the Crystal Phase (aka planning) with my clients, we sit down and decide, among other things, exactly who is likely to be hiring them, and why. Before you write a single page of content for your site think about who pays you.  I developed this handy graphic to keep you on track.

speaker websites graphic


It is great to please the audience, but it is better to please the one who hired you.  THAT is the key to a speaker website that gets repeat bookings and an increase in your bottom line!

To recap. speaker websites (not unlike the speakers themselves) are unique beings, and need to be carefully nurtured and focused.  Speaking is a business.  It is how you earn your income.  A little focus and planning and targeting will go a long way to help you on your quest to get more gigs and make more money.

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