Building your Meeting Planner page

This could be the KEY page on your speaker website.  Your Meeting Planner page is your direct line to the decision maker. It is here that they will visit to get all the material they need to promote and book you. Don’t you want to make it easy for them?

In addition to making sure all of their questions are answered on the home page, there are some key elements that a meeting planner expects to see on your Meeting Planner page.

  • 4-5 good quality head shots (in high resolution and web quality)meeting planner page
  • Long (300-500 words) and short (100 words) versions of your bio
  • Some video clips (your sizzle reel, and up to a 20 minute version for them to get a real taste of you in action)
  • Your Speaker One sheet
  • A quick outline of topics
  • Client list
  • A couple good testimonials
  • Your contact information and social media links
  • Clips of any interviews or press you have received

One trick I learned long ago is to also have this information available for easy download in a zip file. Some meeting planners will choose not to download a zip file online – but some prefer it.  Make it easy!  I really need an easy button image here  ๐Ÿ˜‰

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